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thx for your great work!

would it be possible to get some more U2 cars like the corsa and such?

perhaps you have a collection of wing and/or bodykits too?!

thx in common! 8)
I just wonder what does gamecompanies think about hosting their 3d models that have been ripped from their games? And how legal that is anyways...
What a hot subject lot of people already discuss so many times on so many forums...
What may I answer?
Is it a crime to extract, convert and post a game model ripped with a free MaxScript, thinking all efforts spended by ATARI or EA teams on games projects?
Personnaly I don't think so.
And I never received claims from EA about this.
Don't means it is clearly legal, I may partially agree.
But don't means it is not too!
So if you guys disapprove, just don't download the models!
I just hope you didn't mention this because of the eternal fight between "vilains rippers" and "good modeling guys", because my only cause is to share!
But I don't think it's the right place to discuss about this for now...

PS: Weired guys are too trying to sell EA's models on TurboSquid, so...
ok, but perhaps there will be some of those cars later?! personaly i would be very happy about that!
the TDU cars are also great! (converted some by myself allready :D)

perhaps you could give me/us a quick guide on how to get the models out of u2!? so i can try to get a corsa and such on my own :)
that would be realy great! ;)


Is it a crime to extract, convert and post a game model (...)?
Personnaly I don't think so
Not personaly, you're definitely wrong. This is what everyone calls "intellectual property".

And I never received claims from EA about this.
My definitive advice : stop before they get their eyes on you.

Hey guys, stop bullshit ! When a single people steal a model from another single people, it's drama here. But if the model is get from a company, it's no big deal ? Wtf ? Irresponsible actions like this puts the whole forum in danger. Stop involving the community with such contents.

Please admins, remove the links.
Links removed. This is good quote from Multimediaman that everyone should read carefully enough.

Plus, most games include in their documentation that you may not reverse-engineer, decompile, or otherwise do things to the game, which you would have to do in order to get the files.
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