Alfa Romeo P3 (1932)


Tazio Nuvolari won the '36 German Grand Prix in this car, which was already some years old. He beat the best German drivers in the latest Mercedes' and Auto Unions on their home ground in front of the Nazi government. It's equivalent to Jesse Owens' sprint golds at the '36 Berlin Olympics. The car was lost for many years until someone recognised its component parts on a farm in New Zealand (don't ask me..."yup, that's a prize Friesian bull...and that's Nuvolari's Alfa P3 it's inseminating". Stock and station agents are a knowledgable group). Nuvolari's P3 is probably worth more than any other single car because of the political significance of its racing history.

Jeeze Zum your knowledge just amazes me, hehe, I never knew that, that is very cool. That would be someting awsome to either buy and old farm or goto an old farm and discover a lost treasure such as an old race car. I mean the history you see this dusty old rusty thing and if you dont touch its probably worth more. Ive heard like old Jaguar Type E's or the racing equivalent that they dont restore them just they just leave all the original to them. Whats even more amazing is somewhere out there in an old dingy barn somewhere a classic is just rusting away waiting for someone. ( hopefully) You wonder what things happend for this great car to end up here to be forgotten by the original owner.... Wierd.

I was watching something on tv maybe Speed Channel and they couldnt even give away the old Shelby Daytona's because no one wanted last years race car at the time, one could have bought one for like I think 6 thousand dollars .

I would have thought the car worth the most was some old Roll-Royce the SIlver Ghost (or something) worth like I think 50 million owned by Rolls. I maybe wrong but I'm sure you'll have the info I speak of.

Heheh, you're right Ice! I remember reading Rob Walker's memoirs (Rob Walker is one of the Johnnie Walker whisky family, he chose to spend his inheritance entering Stirling Moss in F1 and other motor racing classes) and he was saying that 20/20 hindsight is the human condition's most useless, frustrating ability. He'd bought a Ferrari 250GTO for Stirling to bash about in in '63, and at the end of the year he sold it on for 2500 pounds, taking a fair loss on what he'd paid for it. He wrote this at the time a Japanese businessman had just paid $20,000,000 for a GTO (late '80s, greed is good times)!

That Rolls is insured for the sum, but that P3 has (I believe) actually changed hands for some obscene figure. The guy who restored it locked up the ownership in a family trust for many years to take the temptation of selling it away, eventually the trustees decided the time was right and found that the wait had paid off incredibly well at auction.
Re: P3

Lotsof old race-cars ended up in New Zealand, where they were still competitive for a few more years. The motor for the merck restored farina bodied 2900B (Eng no 412012) was found driving a dam pump there. The body was in the States with a Chrysler flathead six in it. Go figure. They were re-united in the nineties.

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