arctic racer

Agree your idea looks interesting. One crit, I think that texture on your tracks looks very stretched. Looks like your in blender, you should easily be able to duplicate it along whatever axis that is. keep it going man.:)
chris 20 that is right i am using blender 2.48. the studio render off the car allone only takes 5 minutes

astros im running a laptop with real dual core processor and nvidia grafics card 128 mb
its a fairly strong computer but both the processors run at full 100% when rendering the scene complete


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Gfx card doesnt really matter that much when you render, its more cpu & ram based. And there are quite different dual cores out there =) (not to mention vista is a ram eater). Anyway, it appears to be a way too long time to render.
Hey Stefan,

Does your snowy background have a high sub surf modifier number?

Maybe you could try playing with the RT settings. Not sure if your aware of this one cause its sort of hidden. If you go to the render panel. Where it says Anim, there is a small panel called RT. if you click the right arrow so that it says 1 another panel will Appear called render simplification. If you back these settings off you should see an improvment in rendering times. See attched pic.

Can you show a wire of your scene?


thanks for the advise
what do you mean by high it has a subsurf of 4.
and here are some mesh pictures from the plane snowy underground and the sphere sky plus a render of the background allone the render took me 17 seconds. so it looks like my computer has problems with calculating the shadows. becouse te car allone wil take me 1minute and 42 seconds to render


Hmm. Yeah the background looks fine. So if its the shadows how many samples do you have them set on? How many lights do you have? And are the shadows set to adaptive or constant? Its wierd it just shouldnt be taking that long at all.:(
Hi Stefan,

Good to see some more dutch people overhere :)

About the render, i should find a better image for the background as this one looks a bit blurred and doesn't quite match the car, wich is racing trough the snow.

Also long render times aren't so often samples of the shadows. It are mostly the settings you use both on renderer and materials. Wich renderer are you using?

Furthermore for the reflections you should create a snowy HDRI so the reflections on your racer with kinda match with the scene.

It looks like a promising start, so keep it up!

in the way i use it now the render times are back to a few minutes
Very professional renderings take days, sometimes. The render time of 5 minutes should not be your goal, the quality of the image should be the final goal.