Ariel Atom 2


Some months ago, I posted some blueprints from my Ariel Atom II model. Now, it’s time for full 3D model : I just released the complete and latest model for it, under a Creative Commons license (BY-SA)

You’ll find on my website : Pixels or Atoms ?, in the Free Models page, as well as my previously released car, the Marcos 1800 GT.

A .zip file is available for download. It contains a .blend file, which is a Blender file. Download and install Blender first to read the file. The .blend file is organized using layers :

* Layer #1 contains body panels and interior.
* Layer #2 contains chassis with technical stuff attached to it.
* Layer #3 contains wheels.
* Layer #4 is just a test of a chassis with welds on it. No need for it, only layers 1 to 3 are required to gather the full model.
* Layer #5 are my blueprint box and a wire representation of the chassis.

All required shaders are included. Please pay attention that this project was conducted using YafRay 0.0.9, so it won’t render “out of the box” properly without it (YafaRay won’t do the job here)

Feel free to post your thought about it, please just keep in mind I didn’t have enough time to complete the model : for example, the engine is missing.
Gday Tom,

I've downloaded your Ariel Atom and been having a look. Thanks so much for sharing this. Learn so much when looking at work like this.

Love the details. Especially the dash and steering wheel.

Once agian, thanks mate.:)