Arrow: The Game

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From a long time spread without no news, we have been getting things together and geared up for Arrow's KickStarter. We've been working on Arrow quite a bit, and have been running around crazily getting things ready for it.

I've been starting on the models for the first cut scene. Here's a blurb:

"Gather 'round children, and I'll tell you of a time in the past, about a race that lived in an advanced civilization than that our own, a race that mastered forces you or I couldn't comprehend."

As the fire sizzled and popped, the children drew closer and closer to hear the tales of the storyteller. The storyteller appeared wise and ancient, with a long beard, as his ancient, wrinkled face reflected a hidden age as if his years had gone by like a gust of wind carrying the sands of time. The fire reflected the intensity in his eyes as he continued...

The Graav is the main speaker, telling the story from the beginning, the story of Kevin. Others have been working on other Aspects of the game. Terrain has been in progress, two of the game's total twelve terrain environments. They are spanning a vast array of areas for you to explore. We've created the environments for one purpose only: To allow exploration. You are free to go anywhere, play how you want, and at the pace you want.

I also hired a music composer to compose an Original Soundtrack of the game that will be available upon release. The music is dynamic as you play in the world, as it changes with each reaction and effect through out the game.

The last piece we've been working on are the voice acting pieces. We've been hiring voice actors to get this done right, and in the best quality we can do, and the best we can make for the game for you.

Stay tuned for the KickStarter coming up!
I've chosen to completely redo the ground textures.

Hired a freelance character artist for the final character needed for the cutscene, animation artist to animate the cutscene. And we're almost to the kickstarter.