ASL Garaiya

Tommy Kaira, Autobac

it's neither a ZZ or a ZZII, it is infact an ASL Garaiya RS-01

It was run in the JGTC by the Autobacs team in 2003:

Tommy Kaira, Autobac

dbalban said:
it's neither a ZZ or a ZZII, it is infact an ASL Garaiya RS-01
mostly right, except for the RS-01 part. it's just a garaiya. the RS-01 is what the ZZ-II became.

now if only someone could find a ZZ-S print.. good find nonetheless. the golden garaiya at tas 2004 was hot.
Tommy Kaira, Autobac

well ZZII blues are nearly impossible but i have found Pics of it and posted them months ago and the company ASL was the company that did the ZZ2 even tho it say's Tommy Kaira look here :) i posted these

these are the best ones i can get i will also be doing BLue's from these when i get the tools but if you want to model the ZZ2 use the pics i posted up it's the only way and mostly the best way :)
Yea, well it may not be called a ZZ1...

But it has the same engine. It just has a new body styling and is being produced by Autobac.

But Yea, I have seen almost every possible pic of the ZZII along with the short preview movie, which is friggin awesome.

Anyways, I'll be on the lookout for it, it prob will come sooner or later.

Gran Turismo made the car, maybe I'll just have to make it all the way from scratch or maybe I'll ask them for blueprints?


Yea I got them from a fan site that had like all

offical stuff. But I can't remember wat the address was. But I'll bet it have the ZZII when it finally releases to the public, if it'll ever.