Audi RSQ Intakes ?

Hi everyone..

I've been looking at the Audi RSQ Concept (better known as "the car from iRobot") and I began wondering about the intakes on the front..

If you take a look at this picture:

You see 3 pictures of that intake.. on picture 1 it looks like there is somekind of grill or mesh inthere.. but on picture 2, it's kind of hard to decide if it is a mesh or a bending intake, like drawn on picture 3 (from top)....

Can someone help me with this, is it a grill/mesh or just that weird-looking bend..?
These are the kind of questions i just NEED an anwser to :)

what it does is, is that line that your seeing in there is just another peice, so your going to have to make the intake go inward like that, make a little seem in it, and then keep going and then it bends inward