Austin Princess 3-litre Saloon (1962)


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Another nice one. Pity there' s no front/rear, but hey, I am not complaining :)

This is the Austin A99 / A110 Westminster model. The “Princess " was a version with special trim - later built by Vanden Plas.
BTW, these cars were not “based " on Farina styling. They were actually designed by Pininfarina, as were several lookalikes ( the Peugeot 404 to name one ).



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I have to correct you a little.
The print shows an Austin Princess 3-litre Salonn, with coachwork by Vanden Plas. This model has a 6 cylinders / 3 litre engine.
The 1962 Princess 4-litre Saloon and Touring Limousine also had a 6 cylinders engine.
The two prints below (like the blueprint) are from a brochure, publiced in 1962 by the
"Austin Motor Export Corporation Limited".
Title of the brochure is: "Vanden Plas Princess"



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Corect name of this car is Vanden Plass Princess 3-litre Saloon, as in the title of brochure. "Princess" is traditional name of Vanden Plass cars. Austin build A99, A110 and A110 MkII versions. This is Farina C-type family (with Wolseleys 6/99 and 6/110).