BCB Contest: '69 GTX Limo/Hearse - Black Label Society


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well, here goes!

This car is for "Black Label Society", fronted by the legendary "Zakk Wylde" who is lead guitarist for Ozzy Ozbourne, along with solo projects, and constant touring, zakk is possibly one of the hardest working artists today....
So, what better vehicle to transport them in than something with space, power, and brewtality! My own custom 69 Plymouth GTX Hearse / Limo combo!

the idea is that, we need slightly more space in the back for them to kick-back and have a beer, and for the gayidity and bretality to flow, so thats the Limo side, then we have the hearse rear, which is for the Marshall stacks, and Guitars.

Ok, i've attached the blueprint im going to work from, I took the standard GTX print from this site, and extended the rear enough for extra seating + beer fridge, then extended the roof all the way to the rear, to give that hearse feel and increase the boot space for the axes n amps.

this progress will be slow for now, but if I get the contract for work im currently negotiating, I will have more time for this :)

Enjoy the ride people, its gunna be a fun one! :)

PS, if you want to know more about the BLS community + the band, you can visit the forums, and why not check out how the ideas are flowing in the thread I created over there? --> :: View topic - What should BLS role in?


I want to marry that engine...

Great looking design GV!! This is gonna be one to watch!! I wouldn't mind seeing some fancy BLS spray-job... any chance of opening up your PhotoShop skillz (with a 'Z') for that??


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thanks guys!
dont worry doc, there will defo be some fancy ass BLS paintjobs.... Im planning a mix of the bullseye + Buzzsaw, with underlying skulls + inspiration from the BLS funny car + monster truck :):)


Unless VeVe enters this contest ;)

Well, it's pretty sad to read you won't do it for the contest, but I hope you'll manage to model it because the sketch you posted looks damn good (like I already said)


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thanks guys :) I will still try and get it done for the contest, even if I just transfer across to the 60's contest with the 69 GTX, then convert it to the limo version at a later date... I'll see whats happenin :)