Birds life... (from my window series)...

Jomar Machado

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Thank you Kangal!

I live in a far place now in Rio de Janeiro. I live in Freguesia-Jacarepaguá. We're sorrounded by the mountains and the forest and 15 minutes from the Barra da Tijuca's beach...

My wife asked me a lot till we moved and I'm very glad about it...

You can see more of these pictures in my blog or in my page in the Facebook bro.... :D

Jomar Machado

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Thank you smootheagle!!!

Nice to know that you love them too.
It's 7:00 o'clock this saturday morning and I've just arrived from my window with a lot of new fotos.

These birds show us a little bit in how amazing is the nature and the fighting for life is a miracle...

Greetings from your brasilian friend, and I'll be posting news photos from this distant part of Rio de Janeiro.

Jomar Machado

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helicase: It's a little far from my home bro...

I live in Rio de Janeiro and my neighbourhood is surrounded by mountains and the atlantic forest, so my daily life is with a lot of birds and small animals... ;)
Hi Jomar! Those are incredible shots! It's my first message here in the forum (later i will upload some of my work). I've been to Rio twice this year (first for canaval, then 3 weeks later to visit a german girl...), and I love the sorroundings, not so much the city (only for party in Lapa...:D). The second time I went to Ilha Grande and Paraty, and all I can say is that you have very beautiful place there and the people in Brazil treated me well, I admire how much you live in touch with nature. I've seen some of your work a time ago, and it's amazing. I just wanted to tell you that.

Saludos de Argentina

Ps: I miss Açaí, drink one for me kkkkk (It's a laugh in brazil right?)

Jomar Machado

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Nice to know that you've been here in Rio, Guillote03!

Yeah, I live in a beautiful state and we're sorrounded by beauties of all natures...

I've lived in Argentina when I was engaged by a beautiful (hermosa chica) girl in my youth. I lived in Barrio Norte in Buenos Aires and I love so much Argentina and the memories I have from that time....

PS: I'll drink Açaí for sure! Saludos from Rio de Janeiro... :D