BMW M4 F82 2014

Hey Guys,

This is my first post here and this is my current personal project for my porftfolio. I`m relativly new in 3D modelling and I would like to know what you think of it and maybe give me some advice where I can improve my model. Modelling was done in Maya. The renderings are quick tests I made in Keyshot. I hope it`s OK to post into the advanced section if not please move it into the right one.




Small Update:
Modelled the rims, tires, brake rotors, front and back brake calipers and also the door handle.
Windows and trim around will be next.

Thank you :), well I think the car itself looks awesome...even the grill styling you mentioned^^


Pretty good modeling for your first project but there is come cleaning up.
The rear bumper has a few bumps as well as the front bonnet. Check the edges too
for pinching. Errors are circled in red.

Keep at it. critique.jpg

I already finished the modelling and texturing of the M4 model. But didn`t have the time to update this thread from time to time so sorry for that. I will try to do so with my next project.

Learned a lot while working on the project, especially at the interior to make everything fit as good as possible. You can also see the 12.000 stitches on the interior parts. I know it`s not perfect and I still see some spots that could be better. But nevertheless I`m pretty happy with the result. Looking forward what you guys think :)

Final Rendering was done by a good friend of mine.

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Really cool project!

One thing I would suggest for the animation: Animated the camera 10 or even 20 frames before and after the cut. At the moment each camera movement has an ease in and out on every shot which breaks the flow when there are five shots in a row like that. Cut it while the camera is still moving so it flows into another shot.

Just my 2cents...
Thank you both for your feedback

@nasi I will keep the ease in and out in mind to avoid it next time

@Lars Gehrt for my next car modeling project I`m planing to to the complete rendering myself but need to work on my skills do get it done properly. What would be your suggestion for improving? I`m thankful for any tip