Bugatti T 251 (1955-1956)



Wow! Very nice donation of an interesting car, a failure like many cars that are ahead of their time. ettore
Anyone who likes to do a 3D on it? I would love to create some 1:24 and perhaps 1:12 models from this car.

This car is about the only one with a transverse 8 cylinder line engine. The power take-off is in the centre. The 2 engine halves could be mounted together in different angles to provide more torque or more HP.

This car was never succesful, due to various reasons, some of them being the lack of funding, the stubborness of Roland Bugatti, who insisted on the rigid front axle, and some other design changes made to the original Colombo design. (making the car very short and stubby, and tricky to drive.)