Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport


hello !!

here is my newest 3d projet

its the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 2009

after 16 hours of work making sure of accuracy and all;:)cry: :)
here is what iv done

see you soon with more progress:)


thank you

@ spitty3d : im doing both verssion the convertible one and the one with glacial roof :) i just need time to finish the side then ill show :).

@ Jomar Machado : thank you :)

@ Silent1Unknown : i use spline only to make 3d blueprint , but for modeling i use strip and fan :)

mor progress is coming :)


Lamborghini President
Wait, Grand Sport isn't convertible edition ? I always thought it is, 'cos I've seen review in Top Gear magazine.
Anyway good work, keep going


hello !!

@ shilpinator : thnk you :) well it 3372 faces ;) :)


new progress :)

the mesh got 3372 faces

CG arab