Buick (1957)

Great contributions again.

These come from the sales brochure so if anyone is willing to do a model check for pictures of the real thing. Earl's "longer-lower-wider" policy was always pushed even farther in these illustrations, so beware.
True, I noticed the brochures of the era were exagerated a bit just like on the chryslers and Desotos I was using as reference.


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It seems to me brochure illustrations (particularly of '50s American cars) drawn to correct proportions are not very common. If anything, this type of illustration exaggerated vehicle size. Even photographs from this time can be similarly distorted.
I've seen it too

I've noticed this in other brands as well. There is a painting of a Triumph in Consumer Guide's book on collectible cars. Compared to the other cars the painted car seems huge, as big as an American midsize car, dwarfing the driver.