C&J Contest: 41' Chevy COE

Thought I would get a start on this. Its a 1941 Chevy COE. I do not think I will be doing the jeepers creepers version but more something like the pics.

Only a little progress so far
C&C Please


that looks like a great start and i just love your rust texture, it's darn good! Thats the reason i don't like to join this contest! but it looks you got a great start, keep it up!
Thanks for the comment :D

I cant remember where I got the texture but it took a lil messing around to get it to look like that (Actually only changed the black from 30 to 17, lol. I'llpost a zip of the texture and a screen shot of the settings when I get a chance.

Update: Made a tire for the truck but I still need to make some "old" looking textures for it. And close up of the rust material.


Hey ... sorry for the long away time. Ive been pretty sick lately and have had no time to work on this model or my Audi Q7. Also work kinda wears me out a but too so im unfortunately going to have to drop out of this contest. There is just no way I can complete it in the amount of time left.

But on a brighter not, I may finish this later down the road as a show truck maybe so keep an eye out.

Good luck to everyone else in the contest. The entries are looking very nice which should make this a very close contest.