C&J Contest '75 vw scirocco

NO BBS rims!! Please, don't! This is such a great car, which deserves to be 100% standard!
Looking good sofar :) And nice choice of car 8)
thanks for your comments :)
@ NightEye : ill do both :D stock and slightly tuned :D
heres a clay render i made, gonna move to the back now :) stay tuned!


Good, thanks ;)
Every now and then I meet fellow Scirocco drivers, but they nearly all have ugly rims, trims, exhausts, eye lids, etc on them.. I keep my Scala as original as it can be (have to get some original rims), because it just looks way better :)

I have no crits, other than that the buldge on the hood is huge :p But if you're doing the tuned one already, don't mind me :p
w00t! no update?!? well i didnt do anything since last post cos i had lots of exams to study, and today was my last exam (weehoo!) , so i might work on it tomorrow :) so stay tuned, cya
How did they go? :)

I'll stay tuned for sure! The latest update looks good :)

BTW: When this one is done, care to do a MK2 Scala too? So you can render the three of them together :D If not, wait a bit so I can make it :) Would be really cool to have all three gens in one render.
some good, some bad :p but oh well i feel much better now after finishing 'em, and about the mk2 scala, that sounds like a really cool idea :p but isnt it the same as the scirocco II? lemme finish this and we'll see what we can do :)

BTW: anyone know where i could find a front picture of that rim in the attached picture (dunno what they are called)


They are pretty much all the same: (steel rim, or in dutch: stalen velg)
site:www.hubcaps-wheelcovers.com steel rim - Google Afbeeldingen zoeken

This is a scala: click
This is a regular mk2: click (don't mind the lights and such. It's all about the kit). It's so hard to find stock photo's of it.. it's a shame.
I'm doing the GTII Scala for the Chase Scene Contest (which will be another two months wait..), so by then we'll see :D