C&J Contest: BMW M635 CSi E24

hi, nice car!!! i wonder what blueprints are you using, because i would like to make this car for my personal portofolio someday...
@rickyss: I'm using the blueprints from carblueprints.narod.nu. I've uploaded them > here <.
I'm making a different M6 though, mine has a different bumper, and probably more. But refpics enough :)

@spitty3d: This is going to be lowpoly. As I'm not sure what rims I will put under it, the polycount is still quite unsure. Could be 10k, could be 20k. We will see :)

@vanden_plas: That's why I'm building it showroom-quality first :D

Anyway, I just began modeling, and this is where I'm at sofar.
Sorry for the bad AA.

Nice choice of car, i would love to see how this turns out, driving and junk at the same time! The scene your planning is typical holland, but i like it, it has lots of potential!

the wires look clean and good, but i wasn't expecting less from you ;)
Xoliul: You should! It's a totally different car, none of the shapes actually match :p

Thank you guys :)

I haven't had the time to work at it much, but for now a really small update:
Are you sure that's American-only? As I've seen a few German and Dutch 635's with this bumperkit. I think it's the regular bumperkit for a 1988 635 CSi. Anyway, I like them better, so I'm making the American style BMW then :p

I'm not statisfied nor done with the polyflow on the rear quarter panel. But that will come eventually :)
Thanks janusz, wonderful photo's :) It's such a sexy car 8)

rickyss: I did :D

Some random things. Rear bumper, added detail to the front bumper and filled up the light area. Moved the sideskirt a bit, C pillar, polyflow on the door, thickness to the wheel wells, oh well :)

I might got carried away with those rims.. :p 4052 tri's each..
They look pretty big, but that's the correct size. So perhaps my car is too small. It might look right when the tires are black.
Now it's time to get some sleep, need to be at work in 7 hours..

looking good!! maybe the wheels seem too big because they are so square at the egdes, they are a bit more round on the car.
coming out nicely, but i still think you can fix some of the triangles in these areas :p


I've rounded up the wheels, but I'm not quite sure yet. We'll see when everything is finished :)
No offense, but why would I remove tri's there? :p

I might need to rebuild most of the front, since it's out of proportion. The kidneys are too tall, the lights too big.. So the whole grille area needs to be scaled down in the Y-axis. Not wanting to do that :(

Anyway, update:
This is my favorite Coupe, sad to see in poor shape, but here in america have seen some rusty and broken for people who cant care properly for classy car.