C&J Contest: BMW M635 CSi E24

Thanks for the pics janusz :)
Thanks guys, and don't worry, it already has that chrome trim :) It might look a bit small, considering the whole front is too large. Will fix that soon.
I might need to rebuild most of the front, since it's out of proportion. The kidneys are too tall, the lights too big.. So the whole grille area needs to be scaled down in the Y-axis. Not wanting to do that :(
Must be the blueprint quality. I once used the same one trying to model a E23 front end, with very similar results (oversized headlights etc.)
Apart from mentioned proportion thing, the model looks very solid and smooth, keep up the good work.
Yes I worked right off the prints on the main shape, without measuring refpics.
It's been a while, but I managed to fix up the front and round off the windshield area etc :)
If you put them side by side, you will see the difference. I hope I can manage to get this done in time.