C & J Contest - Finished Entries Thread

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By now you all should be finishing up your Entires to SMCars.net's Clunkers & Junkers Contest.

Please use this Thread to submit your final renders (1x front render, 1x rear) along with any other renders you deem necessary to secure a place within the Winner's Circle.

This Thread is purely for submission of Finished Entires, so please leave out all un-related Posts.

This Thread will be Closed at 10am GMT, 22nd of March. Following this, a Poll will be put up for Users to vote for their Winners.

Good luck!!
Here are my entries, i am not sure if i will add some more, i hope i am allowed to add them later as long as i dont go beyond the deadline.

tom120934 > yes you are allowed to add some later as soon as it's within the timeframe


Hi guys!

This my work onto this contest.

I hope you like it!:)

Hi all!

They sounded now, that 2render is needed from the car and I can show only one now.
I'm sorry, but I did not really understand because of my bad English the competition one who writing.
Please how an admin should transfer this picture the finished work category or let him prohibit from it and I transfer it then!
Excuse me one more time from everybody:)
Who there will be ready for them though good luck!
With a greeting Farkas Ádám/VisualHarmony



Polski Fiat

I'm done with my scene :) Theres are some errors in the picture but I haven't got time to fix them and this whole project was very stressful...
BTW I hope you like it...

I didn't know that we had to create an image from the rear end of the car, so it is very undetailed :( :$ sorry for that

Story: A man love his car so much, that when his car's life was come to an end, he didn't want to put to the junkyard, becouse his car was special for him...

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Well , time beat me again. I wish I had the opportunity to work full time on this but unfortunately I gotta pay the bills like everyone else. So sorry no bicycle or other bits and pieces I would have really liked to put into the scene. My textures need loads of work still , but again I learned so much by forcing myself to enter this competition . I cannot recommend it highly enough . Big thanks to all who make this competition possible and good luck to fellow entrants.



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well heres my entry to the contest, its not nearly as complete as i would like it to be but thats my own fault for wasting time and not focusing on one project at a time.. which i will most certainly do next time around, so hope you like it!

also, these contests are a great thing to have, hopefully they will help me see a project through to the end and meet deadlines, so i will definately enter future ones:)


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