C & J Contest : Ford GT

lets see how far I go with this before something crops up and I cant make the deadline
heres a sort of squint sketch ,,, stupid scanner

SQUINT EYES TO AUTO CORRECT VIEWING :picaso::uhh::sarcastic::eek::strange::evil::alien::D:grin::angry:xD:p


haha thanks guys

first bit of progress :O
gonna model it like it just came out the wrapper first, then gonna just throw things at it haha

oh if anyone has pics of corroded aluminium please do share - need to know how the body would look in 50 years time, when the aluminium has corroded


@ nighteye - thanks man thats interesting how that looks hmmm

rickysss - yeah Ive fixed up the edges now, well the outer ones need to be alittle bit more rounded perhaps, but I think I got the ones around the vents now, also made it deeper - not sure how much deeper it has to be

also - look at how ell built this thing is :p http://dminas.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/2006-ford-tungsten-gt-f-1600x1200.jpg

its like put together by a five year old


haha - yeah a broken down poster of him advertising the GT :p

heres the wire - not so great looking, but it works on this car, cos everything is so flatish


The inner corner should be sharper and the outer side shouldn't bend as much as it does - if that's what you mean :p

Also, that middle part should have a slightly sharper corner in it.

Coming along great, and can't wait to see it done. Such a wonderful car 8)
@ Nighteye - yeah ima fix that up,

@Levi - haha :p put him with a walking stick

anyways was messing with bashed looks, started the rim, and going for the gt40 style ones cos they look better, also do you think this is a bit too far


heres the start on the damaged tyre, got two bullet holes so far, they still need refined, and gonna have some heavy cuts so you can see the tyre cage thing,