C&J Contest : M35 "Deuce and a Half" Hot Rod

Comments, crits? suggestions? I have 6 responses not from me! Come on you're makin me feel left out lol.
Edit: I found a guy willing to sell me one of these cabs, but it's like an hour 30 min drive out there and noone will take me :mad: !!
Hey Leviman,

Dont feel left out bud.:) I've been watching this, I have a soft spot for these Ratrods too. I would have chosen to do something like this but no time.

I like the engine the best but I think it looks a little too rusty now. maybe tone that down a bit. Your renders are improving heaps too.

Keep it up man.:)

Here's my concept for the scene, It's going to be a burnout behind an old brick building thats all gehtto'd out (flaky paint moss in the cracks, etc) but i need tips on rendering a burnout in blender? any suggestions?
BTW heres the scene and it's angle with no textures on the ground or building.


Well thanks, but I hope you're not commenting on those first two pictures because those are rendered by the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted lol. The last on though is alll me hehe.