car in real photo


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that tutorial is about as good as you'l get, practice makes perfect.

If you really want help, post a Work In Progress thread in the forums and show your work... then people can advise you more.

By the sound of things it might be your render setup, or maybe a low detail model etc... there are many things that affect how the end render looks... hence the need to get advice after showing your work :)
This is how my car is looking after i made this tutorial, but if i have the enviroment active the render has kind of errror , here is a picturie with enviroments active . Here is a pictor of the render with enviroments off . Have somebody any idea how i could improve the render especially to make the interior of the car more brighter . I've tried to put some omni lights but it didn't work so well .


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that's good but try to increase the contrast of the hdri from the map editor..or increase luminosity in is mine.model is downloaded



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you can always render it without the car body and then just Photoshop the seats in. I do that all the time. Make sure u keep the windows because it is hard to Photoshop that too. I don't have a tutorial :( it's just a trick


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i saw from a picture,
,that at reflection/refraction environment override,the option wasn't selected.turn that on


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try to change the glass material..and to make it brighter...i don't know just experiment with the setups a lil bit more until you get the desire result