Car removed from Facebook


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Just to ask...why my McLaren P1 has been removed from the SMcars facebook page? Not so important, just to know what's wrong, being that Facebook post the only satisfaction i've ever had here in SMC. To be clear, i'm not even registred on Facebook being completely anti-social, mine is just curiosity.


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Mine has been just a curiosity, nothing of so important, but it was nice to see that in the Facebook's, that's all.
If I can guess, I believe he removes images after they've been there certain amount of time. I'm sure your car is not the only one that got deleted.


hmm I just checked and it seems like it's not there. Not sure why it's gone. I don't remove anything there. And I'm not the only one moderating facebook.


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Well guys, i didn't mean to open a debatement about this, i've just wondered why. And yes, the car is that of the link, but i can't see it from the main SMcars Facebook page. I repeat guys, it doesn't matter, i think i'm currently able to model some better car compared to that McLaren.
I thank u all for the replies anyway :)



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You can't see it on the "main" facebook page on SMC because it got pushed down by newer posts, like many many more before it, it's not deleted.


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Oh yeah, i'm keeping on it, i'm doing stuff for the 3D environment such as trees, vegetation, the gate i've posted and so on. When i'll found the way to link everything the best and provide a good terrain i'll start the final renders.

In the meanwhile (and this is the first very good result i reached since my entrance in computer graphic 2 years ago) CG Talk put both my Plymouth Fury and the Ferrari in the Editor's choice showcase. And let me say this is great for me :)