Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Movie Car)

CCBB, the GEN 11

It took me a bit to figure out what this forum was about, but I got it now. Good luck to all of you in your competition(s). The craftsmanship is phenonomal!

I too have been searching for blueprints of the 1968 movie car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 7 years now, off and on. I finally found a site which shows a great many things--lots of pics, some of the trivia, even a bit about the original builders of the street legal model(Alan Mann Racing, UK).

Anyway, here is the address of the site:

I did some research while here at SMC (because I want to build a real one--not that your works aren't 'real'), and it seems in Fleming's original book, the car was a 1920-25 Paragon Python('"the greatest racing car ever built,' said the junk man'"). Of course, there is no such car or company, but based on what I have gleaned here, it has elements of the early Bentleys, Cords, Morris', Studebakers and Stutz of that era.

I will continue my research and update you as events or discoveries warrant.

But, I do ask: If you find out anything, could you alert me, please? Thank you in advance. And thanks again for this forum!