Christmas Header contest!

Sorry for the lame title they are not my strongest area :uhh:

Anywhoos! I'm sure many of you would like to have your car to the top so I thought we could set a quick challenge for you. Idea is to make new picture to the top of the forum header and since christmas is coming it should be something which would fit christmas theme.


Challenge specifics:
  • Render measurements: width w850, h160
  • Finished Renders must be posted on this topic on 19th of December
  • Model(s) must be finished, no wip's are allowed. Preferably hipoly but also low and midpoly models are allowed.
  • Using old models are allowed
  • Teaming up with a mate is allowed
  • WIP topics are not necessary but it's okay to make one to the WIP forums
  • Winner of the challenge will be announced on 21st of December

And what's important aswell, have fun!! ;)


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nice erik, i just think it needs less snow so i can see the car more :) and the Merry Xmas should be a wooden sign sticking in the snow.