[Cinema4D] Begginers tutorials for not a complete noob

[Cinema4D] Beginners tutorials for not a complete noob


As you can see this is my first post and at the start, I need help :)
I'm not a complete newb in cinema4d, I just got the R12 version, and I wanna do some work by following some "new" tutorials
I have plenty of tuts on my HD from the most popular sites such as c4d cafe etc.
But yet, I haven't found any detailed tutorials that explain weapons,cars, furniture modeling.
I know why I haven't found them , because noone really wants to share their tips and tricks that separates them from the newbs :)
I did model a lamborghini, which btw wasn't that detailed and it had many errors but eventually I finished the car. Haven't really tried to model any wepons since I haven't seen any tuts nor other cars so if you have any links for a direct download and a personal overview of the tutorial, I'd be much oblighed.

Thanks for reading this and helping out.

Respect, add1ct.
Okay then, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tutorial, just watched the first couple of parts, the interface seems uncomfortable, but I reckon it takes time to switch from the user-friendly C4D to 3dsMax :)
Also, since I've been searching mostly for cinema tutorials, are there any other tutorials for a complete beginner in 3dsmax? :p


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Jet cockpits are complicated too because they are controlling a much more complicated / powerful machine. You will be able to fly with 3ds max, but just go to your grandmas in C4D :p
Well thank you for that beautiful comparison :p
Also, all suggestions are welcome and so are links with helpful tutorials.
Thanks in advance,