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We love music here at SMC, so much so that we actually have a few very famous singers and musicians who are regular Users... we just can't tell who they are because they're all using their web-alias'.

This is a good thing though, because we've also always wondered that if we had to pick one of our favourite bands or singers up from the airport to come and play a gig at our house, what would we use?...

After Icekid's idea of a stretched Fisher & Price tricycle to pick up KISS on, and *RedStars* idea of an Ahbrams Tank to try and impress Jessica Simpson in, the rest of us have lost hope and are putting the question out to the SMC community...


So here it is, if your favourite band/solo-artist arrived in town to perform a gig for you, what would you pick them up in??

Would you go old-school and pick them up in a stretched Caddy, or maybe go gansta and transport them in a H2 rollin' on 32's? Or would you come up with your own personalised form of transportation that relates to your musical artist/s?

For now, this relies on YOU. Pick your favourite band/solo-artist, and come up with a design for the vehicle that YOU would pick them up from the airport in.

Like the WZA Contest, this contest is mainly centered around creativity, with the only limit being your imagination... and that your ride must have at least 3 wheels. This vehicle doesn't have to be street-legal, but has to be at least big enough to acompany your band/solo-artist... so tough luck if you want to model a Pagani Zonda and your favourite artist is Aretha Franklin.

Remember, your favourite band/solo-artist is the inspiration/theme for your creation... We want to see rims changed, fancy spray-jobs, badges altered, ANYTHING that conveys your love for them!!


Contest Specifics:

- The modeling, texturing and rendering of one transportation vehicle.

- Your ride can be any 3+ wheeled vehicle; car, truck, van, ect.

- It can be low, mid or high-poly, however technical execution will be taken on-board when it comes to judging.

- Model is to be shown in the Band Car Battle section, with the heading "BCB Contest: *car name* - *band/artist name*", and kept up-to-date as much as possible.

- Final renders must include a Front and Rear shot. Other renders are welcome, however aren't compulsory.

- No teaming up. This must be solely your own project.

- Models must be built from scratch for this Contest. No using old works.


The Opening Night:

The 'Opening Night' of your band/solo-artists concert, the time by which you must have your creations finished and ready for judgement, is the 8th of June, 10am GMT. That's right, 2 months as of the opening of this thread.

As for the prizes, 1st, 2nd and 3rd entries will be awarded an Official SMC Medal, personally designed by our very own and very talented, Niray.


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Ok Im in, im not sure what car yet, but it will be for "Black Label Society" - Black Label Society [SDMF]

Zakk Wylde is my biggest influence in my guitar playing, he is a no-**** kinda guy, and is always seen with a beer in his hand... wherever Zakk and BLS role, there is always some sort of fun or destruction.

prepare yourselves for another hillbilly creation from GV :)

I'm gunna pitch this idea over on the official BLS site, see if I can get good suggestions etc... I know the band members visit the site now and then, so also see if I can get some direct input :)
oooh that's a crazy idea. i can't decide what band to use:D

//edit// just one question: need it be our fav artist or can it just be an artist that could have a cool vehicle?
greenvampire, I thought you'd get on board for this one chief. Deffinately right up your alley, ay? Only problem is, this is the Contest I'll be entering, so you've got some competition ;)

ibream: It needs to be a band/solo-artist that YOU would want performing at a gig of yours.


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greenvampire, I thought you'd get on board for this one chief. Deffinately right up your alley, ay? Only problem is, this is the Contest I'll be entering, so you've got some competition ;)
ay cap'n, right up my trailer park this!

damn, you sure you dont want to do some flowerpower stuff? ;) its gunna be some good competition!
I'm gonna pass on peace and happiness this time around, 'cos I've had an idea-a-brewin' for this Contest that I really want to get started on.

I'll hopefully get started during the week of a night and be well underway by the weekend.

Can't wait to see your design though GV. You and me seem to think alike with the hillbilly designs for cars, so I'm lookin' forward to see what you come up with!! Mine ain't gonna be much hillbilly this time around though ;)
yeah good song. i can't remember what the pickup is but it's mid 50s. i'll check the vid later.

i'm probably going to enter with a bus of some sort. more details later.



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Ok, its decided that I'm going for a hearse, but its gunna have a redneck feel as always.

My first planned mod is to split the rear of the roof and build in marshall stacks, to make a sorta Stage.... so if they fancy a jam on-route, they can :)

ill open a WIP thread when I get started :)

*Edit* Im going to make a custom hearse, with a Dodge Charger as a base car... that aught to give the redneck feel im after!!
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