Contests coming to an end

Final day of May is getting closer and that means also both our contests will come to an end.

I would especially like to see more finished or close to finished entries on the lowpoly contest, only two of the entries are now up to date but rest of the topics haven't been updated for awhile. Same goes for the muscle car contest of course, both of them have great entries which should be finished!

Topic for final entries/renders will be posted couple of days before end date. Stay tuned!
Ahah well I won't be doin' any more modelling so just rendering left.

I just got my student version of max 2012 and I just realized I got so used to blender, I can't model in max anymore. I just get mad and start screaming at max and hen revert back to blender xD

Hopefully blender continues to grow and fixes a few darn things that makes me want to get back to max (wich in turn makes me mad and back to blender again)



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Was working on one project, also university spent my time. couple days ago I continued working on Barracuda. So I think I will end working on it in time ^^


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I won't be able to finish... lost interest in the chally i was making :(... but I've got another car... not for the contest...


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maybe it's possible to extend end time for 2 weeks? if there are another members who needs more time to finish started projects?


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I think there are enough people like me, who study at school or university and also have a job. It's easy to make a poll: do we need 2 extra weeks or not. Or maybe 1)Nope 2)Yeap 3)1 week will be enough. Cuz I really wanna finish my barracuda as contest member.
I have a dayjob, I got three little kids who need their attention and I still managed to finish my entry before the deadline :D

Anyways, of course if there are enough people who wishes to have extra two weeks, I'd be glad to extend the contest :)

I don't think we need poll though, all who wishes to get extra two weeks should post in this topic.
I would say "no". Who can give us a guarantee that nothing will happen on these extra two weeks, that people won't have new jobs, exams etc., etc. and will finish their projects. I was pretty busy this time as well and my project is nearly finished.


I suggest we don't extend. Johnas, ViFFex360 and Bookmaker scored several points, I would just add that :
- 3.5 months or 4 are the same when viewed from the beginning for such a project.
- The major challenge of a contest isn't to be the best on an absolute basis, but to be the best within the given timeframe.
- It wouldn't be fair to those who managed their time and their motivation to end their entry in time.


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I agree.

I'm talking from my own point of view when I say this because, if you give me 2 more weeks, I 'll add more detail, I'll make more render tests and at the end of the two weeks, I'll need 2 more to finish....haha.

I did what I could do for the contest, many things have happened and we don't know what can happen from now on, let's finish this contest, and maybe, next week.... we can start a new one and... do a CUSTOM HOT ROD!!!!




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You know, there's rule that says the deadline of contest is on may 31st... also, there's rule that says, Only restriction muscle car allowed following by given list... so If bending deadline, why not bend rule by allowing Ferrari 458 italia, Koeinsegg CCXR, or maybe BMW isetta to be included as muscle car restriction?

I certainly can understand where others come from -- Jobs, school, family, and etc... I too have... wife, kids, son, full-time job, and night school. I still manage finish in time for contest.

Just share some thoughts around.
I agree with the others... We all have life and things happen in it and part of life is managing those things. If you can not finish in time, then you try again on the next contest, and post the muscle car to the boards when you are done. No harm in that. I too changed jobs, and have a son and wife in my life, so I had to manage my time.

If you give 2 more weeks, like the others said, someone will want 2 more and 2 more...etc.