"The ConvAIRCAR was not the first flying car to make it to the drawing board. That honor goes to the Curtiss Autoplane of 1917. But public interest in a car-plane hybrid didn't take hold until after World War II. Airplane manufacturers, after the war, were shifting away from military aircraft to consumer production lines."

"The failure of the ConvAIRCAR was not unique. Dozens of inventors and aerodynamic engineers have tried to create similar vehicles in the last fifty years--none has successfully marketed a flying car. According to a 1989 article in Smithsonian, over 30 patents for flying cars have been filed this century in the United States alone; usually boasting fanciful names like Aerocar, Autoplane, Airphibian, and Skycar."

The quotes above are from Temple Air

There are so many car/airplane conversions and kits these days, but the idea comes from way in the past. I just wanted to share some pictures of the ConvAirCar and get some comments back just to see what some of the members here think of the idea of a flying car.

I'm sure there is some guy out there working on a flying locomotive somewhere.

What do you really think about these type of conversions? I'd love to hear from you.

Steve Dussemberg