Dark Night

Jomar Machado

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I've build 4 images of the Batman's car for a client's project,
but in the end the project was cancelled, so I pick up the cars for my own projects....

3DMax 2013, Mental Ray and Photoshop CS6.


Jomar Machado

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Thank you Steve, duyuanhua123 and NasG!!!

Nice you've liked it...

I'm in this 3D business since 1996 and in 1975 I was working with illustration for the first time...

I have a small bio in my blog:

cheers... ;)
Nice work man! i do think your highlights are a bit burnt. It also looks like a studio render, but then again this could be what the client wanted. But great work!

Jomar Machado

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EqiNOX kriscabrera: Thank you for the feed back bros...

The moon was placed as a great light plane for the main element (the client's objective)...

best regards... ;)