Deformed Cars : I need ideas for modeling

Hello guys
i saw some kind of cars that christophe dess ( made in maya, some kind of deformed muscl cars and i didn't find any blueprint like it, the cars are known but it's just they are deformed and have a verry cool style.
this is the portfolio of he's work : CGPortfolio - christophe desse
plz guys if you have some ideas on how to model like these or how to manupilate the blueprint or reshape it in photoshop or some other things that i dont know :exclamation: , plz help me i need some flashpoitns to begin cuz i found the style realy amazing:D
I'm a big fan of his work as well.

You can build the vehicle with regular blueprints...then 'deform' them to you liking...there are plenty of 2D "cartoon" examples and tutorials out there. But, I doubt you'll ever find any blueprints like that. I recently did some of my own in that style and you can use FFDs, non-uniform scale, etc...or just model the pieces in cartoony proportions.
yea these cars are mainly modeled to scale and then deformed after words, or if you have a sketch of it then you model from it, but i doubt you will find any blueprints like it.