Duesenberg chassis 2405, J-397; Rollson body (1938)



This is the last Duesenberg built. A spare engine and chassis were put together by Duesenberg workmen several years after Duesenberg went bankrupt to the order of Rudolph Bauer; an American artist living in Germany. The completed chassis was moved to New York where it was to be shipped to Germany where new bodywork was to be fitted by Erdmann & Rossi. Bauer came to the US in March 1938 to oversee this and with the storm clouds of war gathering, decided to stay in the US. The body was built by Rollson ( formerly Rollston, following a bankruptcy and reorganization) to sketches submitted by Bauer. Rollson designer Rudy Creteur called the body style a 4 passenger fully collapsible Town Car. I think this car has always been black, and the original interior was violet leather. Franklin Mint has produced this car in 1/24th scale. Ettore