Duesenberg SJN roadster, side and top (1935)

Late Duesenberg SJ with an interesting coachwork, side view. I don't have more information. I' have a couple photos of the real car, so I'm sure it does exist.

I also found a blueprint of the replica SSJ Duesenberg (4 views). It's probably an accurate print of the replica, but the replica is not an accurate replica of the Duesenberg :lol: I can post it if someone is interested.

1935 Duesenberg SJN roadster, 2614/J-585 is a long-wheelbase chassis with body by J. Gurney-Nutting & Compant, Limited. Maharajah Holkar of India was 28 years old when he ordered this car.

It is right hand drive, and bears the highest-known J chassis number. The chassis was shipped to Duesenberg's agent in London, R.S. M. Motors, and from there to the Gurney-Nutting Works. When completed it was shipped to New York. Duesenberg drivers drove it back to Indy for tuning and testing. Then it was driven to Santa Ana CA where the Maharajah lived for a year. (When delivered the car had 3,800 miles on it!) Eight months later it was on a ship out of LA, headed for Singapore. (Source: Josh Malks, AUBURN CORD DUESENBERG CLUB)