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Looking pretty sharp Duron! I can't seem to maximize the second render, not sure why. In the first, the only crit I really have is your shadow. It seems to get too soft as it gets further from the car. I would think it would be a bit sharper, but not super sharp! Your paint shader is absolutely great! Your integration is spot on!

Do you work in the CG industry?


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Thanks man, appreciate! Agree on the shadow, should have done a bit sharper.
And yes, i'm Senior 3D Artist at Mackevision Stuttgart since 1 year.


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Saw your latest shots on CGrecord I think. Beautiful shots
Not quite sure what I think of the blue one, on open road. Nicely integrated though.

I have to ask, it looks to me that you images have a small amount of blur. You don't sharpen your images?
Or pehaps it's just a matter of compression?

In any case, it really adds to the realism, and help blend the CG & photo part together.


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It depends on how the focus is on your backplate. Always try to match the DoF from your backplate with the car, this helps alot to integrate a CG car into a real photo. The main issue here is more the DoF (nois too) from the backplate instead of using sharpener globally.
When you start trying to match the DoF, you will see where you need more sharpness and where you need to blur out the car. This is also a reason why most CG renders look like CG because the whole car is as sharp as a razor.
your renders are just briliant m8 really awesome work I love the second render the most if I may offer a little critic I think the tires are a bit too reflective on the second render anyway your renders are awesome I wonder if I will ever be this good



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Hey guys,

just modelled new rims last weekend. It's the BMW 601M style rims from the competition package.

Also a teaser for upcoming render(s!). I'm working on a bunch of shots this time. Kind a last set of pictures which will show the final result of the project with close ups and so on.

Also tweaked my carpaint shader, again. More varieties in future. This one is Frozen Red Metallic.

m6_601.jpg F13_.jpg


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Everytime i see your renders u wonder me. And i should be used by now !!!
The last one particularry is art. If someone is asking how to do renders, this is the answer and the benchmark for me.
Besides, u must really trust about the cleaness of the side, with that illumination choice if something was wrong suddenly it would be visible. But i can't see anything but a fantastic meshflow.
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