Eight Split Car Wheel

it is an interesting ideea...but i dont really see this concept on a real car..in good working condition...i think it is too fragile, and the ride would be awful,something like a tank or riding on a paved road.Anyway I think this kind of wheel would help allot with the grip of the car by eliminating understeer, basicaly it is stepping in the corner as well as steering in the corner.but the same effect can be obtained with a 4 wheel steering car, like the new Renault Laguna GT.Witch has a greater cornering speed than the Impreza STI or Lancer Evolution.In the end this wheel is totaly unpractical.


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The tire would have to be reinvented for a concept like this. You can throw away the conventional way of mounting a tire, inflating it, and right back to designing it. If this tire were to hold air, that's 8 valve stems you would need, which would look ridiculous, and be completely undesirable, as you would then have to make sure all 8 sections are at the same pressure, or your handling will be far worse than what is desired. Cool idea, but only works on paper IMO.
I think it´s a nightmare to take this to reality, but the design exercise is a beast, i think.
I like more the Mercedes solution...