Everything solved?


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Hello SMC, it seems the access problem has been fixed, but i don't want to speak too soon.
Did u manage the issues' causes? My Norton anyway is saying me it blocked a ''red kit redirection tool'', so i assume there's something not yet ok.
Any ideas?
Our server was compromised almost two weeks ago. Just getting the site up and getting banned again was not an option. There was malware and files injected with iframes everywhere. We have been working very hard for the last few days to get things resolved. Things should be back to normal soon.


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My Norton now tells it's everything OK and safe. Google and Firefox too tell the same, so it seems definetly fixed.


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Hey Guys, good to see you're back online, AVG is picking up a virus (HTML/Framer) as well still. Good to see you are doing the best you can, keep up the good work guys!
Appreciate that the site is back online :) I checked every day because I missed you guys and this site, so seeing it back up was a happy break ^-^


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Nice to see you back again, but my kaspersky internet Security Firewall tells me that there's a trojan.
It's identified as a "Trojan.script.generic".


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Hi, nice to see you back!!!!

I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials and it didn't warn me for anything, or it's all solved or tomorrow I'll regret this connection.

It's good that after all this years I've learned the valuable lesson of making duplicates of my work, triplicates and even, oh well, you know, every external disk I have is full of my repetaed stuff :D

And the good thing about it is that, seeing the site down for so many days, reminded me of my old unfinished stuff, and, as life is so unpredictable, I'm going to finish all my beloved undone cars. :D

Please keep us all informaed about how is it going. Thanks again for all yor effort. This site is great. Users here are like family :D

Cheers!!! Go SMC, go, go, go... :thumbsup:


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What's happening to SMC?
After the big crash things seem drastically changed. Just a few WIPs and posts, even less comments/suggestions/critiques, lack of admins/moderators, no more useful files to download and so on!
I repeat , what's happening ? I don't know about the far past, but for what i can remember, i've never seen the site so down !


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Yep, i don't want to seem drastic, but the site looks almost abandoned to itself. Never happened before, for what i can remember.


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In my opinion... Maybe I am wrong. I apologize to say... The forum is dying now-a-day, It appears to be....The fourm code is so bloated, ugly, confused, and it can be so tedious and time consuming for Forum Administrators especially when they have to fighting off againstspammer every day, every week, every month and year. Facebook just became the new kind of forum, Since its user controlled social network, sharing files, and etc, and wouldn't be much complicated to block off spammer from user list.

OR, is it because...

3d car modeling are fading away... More and more 3d cars are available at shop, or shared site. I assure you lot of user would rather buy or use free model, then materialize and render it right away with render engine of their choice. rather than dealing or spending days by days, weeks or year to complete detailed model. polyflow issues is what kill their motivation fast. Not only that, more and more user despite showing work because of less tolerance on negative comments and constructive crits.

More likely....

Everyone got life, attend to school or jobs and have little time to work on their project or visit site (like me).

But yet, don't let that bother you or get you down. I assure you... Users are still around watching.., its just that they just got too lazy to sign on and say 'Hi, its a Nice work'.