Extra-Low Poly Vehicle Challenge Poll

Which is the best?

  • kicsivocsok - Chevrolet SSR

    Votes: 6 33.3%
  • FlashG - BMW 318 E46

    Votes: 3 16.7%
  • Revelli - Audi A6

    Votes: 9 50.0%

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That time has come. Post your end results of this challenge in this thread.

Entries *must* consist of:

- at least 3 gray solid renders, meaning, you just slap a gray shader onto everything, no maps, no opacity, no reflections.

- at least 3 regular renders, with all textures, opacity maps, and reflections applied.

- Textures must be posted at full resolution, combined into ONE image, or as a .zip file

- at least three wireframe renders or wireframe screengrabs, for judging purposes

- Give a text break-up of your material settings: Example:

=Shader - Multiple Subobject
+=+01 - Standard Shader
=+=+=Diffuse Map - file01.png
+=+=+Opacity Map - file01a.gif
=+=02 - Standard Shader
+=+=+Diffuse map - file02.gif
=+=+=Opacity map - file02a.gif

this is also for judging purposes.

The judging guidelines of this contest will be revealed the day after the contest deadline, when the judging starts, the 21st.
Audi A6

body shader:
Standard max
diffuse color: body_diffuse.png
specular level: body_specular.png
opacity: body_opacity.png
reflection: mask - map: reflection map.jpg
mask: body_specular.png

tire shader:
Standard max
diffuse color: tire_diffuse.png




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yeah, it does seem to be in quads, or whatever is a "visible" face.... for most accurate triangle-count, look at the faces: value in 3dsmax's render palette that shows while rendering a scene. probably best that you hit pause during the render so you'll have enough time to read it.

Later versions of 3dsmax however have a "Count triangles" option on the polygon counter.
Body Material:

Standard Max

Diffuse Texture: Body.png
Opacity Texture: Body_01a.png
Specular Level: 60
Glossines: 40

Wheel Material:

Standard Max

Diffuse Materials: tiret.png, wheel.png


Clay renders:

Studio Renders:


Lowres textures aren't my thing :p



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I sure hope we end up with more than two entries here. I know I saw a lot more people who were making stuff for the challenge.

C'mon people submit your renders! Contest ends in 2 days!
Here is my Chevy SSR:
diffuse : ssr_texture.png
mask : ssr_alpha.png
reflection : hugo_wolf2.png

diffuse : ssr_interior.png
mask : ssr_alpha2.png

diffuse : ssr_wheel.png


Textures are in .ZIP :)



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FlashG said:
anyone? where are all who entered this contest?
based off a search to see any challenge entries, out of the 10 entries I was able to find, you (FlashG), Revelli, kicxivocsok, and Shadow Axel were the only threads that showed a product that looked complete. Shadow Axel hasn't been to the site in 3 weeks according to his profile, and his last post here also mentioned that he's taken a break from modeling, with better things to do... didn't leave us with anything more descript.. but seeing as he was still mentioning texture tweaks on his thread, I'm not 100% sure he was finished.

But anyway, here's the criteria for judging this challenge. ...

First off, the basis of the whole challenge would be to create a vehicle suitable for a 3rd person vehicle: one without main focus in a game. One whose face count and texture usage is low enough to avoid stressing out lower end graphics cards. That having been said, the vehicle also has to look good.

So while looking at these entries, keep in mind, before you make your vote, which vehicle utilizes the texure space fully and optimally, doesn't use excessive numbers of textures, which vehicle uses the most creative techniques to mask the low face count, as well as which vehicle looks the most realistic.

I hope to see at least as many views on those texture uploads as are total votes in the contest, since the textures are such important part of these types of models.