F1 2009 season thread


Lamborghini President
As a big F1 fan, I'll try to keep this thread up to date with F1 news.
As first I'd like to say I'm very surprised, I thought it will be next boring F1 season but...
...I watched today's qualifications before Aussie GP. It was something awesome: Hammilton had problems witch his car (probably gearbox), fastest driver witch KERS is at 7th place, Brawn GP pwns every one, Kubica at 4th place! Just amazing season's start.
Below You can see today's times and tomorrow's grid places :)
  1. J.Button Brawn GP 1:26.202
  2. R.Barrichello Brawn GP 1:26.505
  3. S.Vettel Red Bull 1:26.830
  4. R.Kubica BMW Sauber 1:26.914
  5. N.Rosberg Williams 1:26.973
  6. T.Glock Toyota 1:26.975
  7. F.Massa Ferrari 1:27.033
  8. J.Trulli Toyota 1:27.127
  9. K.Raikkonen Ferrari 1:27.163
  10. M.WebberRed Bull1:27.246
  11. N.Heidfeld BMW Sauber 1:25.504
  12. F.Alonso Renault 1:25.605
  13. K. Nakajima Williams 1:25.607
  14. H.Kovalainen McLaren 1:25.726
  15. L.Hamilton McLaren -:--.---
  16. S.Buemi Toro Rosso 1:26.503
  17. N.Piquet Renault 1:26.598
  18. G.Fisichella Force India 1:26.677
  19. A.SutilForce India 1:26.742
  20. S.Bourdais Toro Rosso 1:26.964
I can say that will be very, very exciting season. Believe me.


I dont think hamilton can handle the car to be honest, Brawn GP damn that diffuser is something else right, - if those ferraris had them though, they'd dominate I think,


Lamborghini President
OMG @ Toyota. And there will be no end of these protests :p
Anyway, I found car weights during today's qualifying.

1. Jenson Button 664,5 kg
2. Rubens Barrichello 666,5 kg
3. Sebastian Vettel 657 kg
4. Robert Kubica 650 kg
5. Nico Rosberg 657 kg
6. Felipe Massa 654 kg
7. Kimi Raikkonen 655,5 kg
8. Mark Webber 662 kg
9. Nick Heidfeld 691,5 kg
10. Fernando Alonso 680,7 kg
11. Kazuki Nakajima 680,5 kg
12. Heikki Kovalainen 690,6 kg
13. Sebastien Buemi 675,5 kg
14. Nelson Piquet 694,1 kg
15. Giancarlo Fisichella 689 kg
16. Adrian Sutil 684,5 kg
17. Sebastian Bourdais 662,5 kg
18. Lewis Hamilton 655 kg
19. Jarno Trulli 660 kg
20. Timo Glock 670 kg


Lamborghini President
Damn You suck guyz. F1 ain't boring

EDIT: I forgot to say that Lewis is at 18th position at grid line cuz he sucks teh ballz and he changd' his junky gearbox.


Lamborghini President
I'm probably saddest human in the world. :(
3 last laps.... Kubica is taking over Vettel, pole is damn fast, he is side by side with Vettel and then something which I scared. Kubica has no more 3rd or 2nd place, he crashed, Vettel has lost his left wheel. ZOMG Lewis is on 4th place. Broken wings on track, safety car is out...
It's done ;( Brawn GP, both drivers won... That was very, very exciting race tho I didn't see first 15 laps :p

Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Pts
1 22 Jenson Button Brawn-Mercedes 58 Winner 1 10
2 23 Rubens Barrichello Brawn-Mercedes 58 +0.8 secs 2 8
3 9 Jarno Trulli Toyota 58 +1.6 secs 20 6
4 1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes 58 +2.9 secs 18 5
5 10 Timo Glock Toyota 58 +4.4 secs 19 4
6 7 Fernando Alonso Renault 58 +4.8 secs 10 3
7 16 Nico Rosberg Williams-Toyota 58 +5.7 secs 5 2
8 12 Sebastien Buemi STR-Ferrari 58 +6.0 secs 13 1
9 11 Sebastien Bourdais STR-Ferrari 58 +6.2 secs 17
10 20 Adrian Sutil Force India-Mercedes 58 +6.3 secs 16
11 6 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber 58 +7.0 secs 9
12 21 Giancarlo Fisichella Force India-Mercedes 58 +7.3 secs 15
13 14 Mark Webber RBR-Renault 57 +1 Lap 8
14 15 Sebastian Vettel RBR-Renault 56 +2 Laps 3
15 5 Robert Kubica BMW Sauber 55 +3 Laps 4
16 4 Kimi Räikkönen Ferrari 55 +3 Laps 7
Ret 3 Felipe Massa Ferrari 45 +13 Laps 6
Ret 8 Nelsinho Piquet Renault 24 +34 Laps 14
Ret 17 Kazuki Nakajima Williams-Toyota 17 +41 Laps 11
Ret 2 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren-Mercedes 0 +58 Laps 12

Here You can see some TV images from race


The Land Cruiser Maniac
The crash was Kubica´s fault.

Kimi sucked and Heikki had bad luck. Really nice to see a new team dominating. Makes F1 more interesting.


Lamborghini President
You can't say it was his fault because he tried to take over and when he was exiting the corner, Vetter should keep safe distance, but he drove into Kubica's car. Maybe I'm talking like that because Kubica is my favourite and home-land-driver so everybody can see it in different way.


Trulli probably broke the rules. He took over Hamilton while Safty Car was on the track. So he can say bye bye to his third place and this "radar-dish" prize :D. If judges will say he broke the rules, they will add 25seconds to his finial time, so he will be on 12th place :p
first fifteen laps were interesting, the Ferraris were uber slow on the super soft tyres, so was it just me or Lewis was just hanging back in qualy and practice... and Ferrari disappointing. Also waned to see the KERS system with more impact, as in like a good boost to the cars, it wasnt all that spectacular - not worth the 10 or os kg it adds imo


The Land Cruiser Maniac
Whoever is overtaking has the responsibility to avoid crashing. Whoever is inside the apex has rights to choose his driving line. :) So it seems that Kubica tried too hard and spoiled his great driving :/

And janusz_the_maker; I´m not trying to put you down or anythink. I think kubica drove really well! Better than any Finn. :)


Lamborghini President
I don't want to start any war but looks like judges has agreed with me:
Vettel gained penalty which is:
50k Euro for driving w/o one wheel
and he will be moved back by 10 places at next GP
As You said:
Whoever is overtaking has the responsibility to avoid crashing.
It works in 2 ways :) Whoever is being overtaken has the responsibility to avoid crash. Vettel knew that he sill slower than Kubica because of his soft tires. So he could give up. That's only my opinion and I totaly accept Your opinion, but unfortunley I think that Vettel caused this crash.
YouTube - Australia F1 2009 - Vettel and kubica crash
YouTube - F1 Australian GP 2009 - Vettel and Kubica collide with each other

NO offence :)

The IC

uses too many smileys
lol...Formula One Management has already taken those vids down :p

YouTube - Vettel x Kubica

it still looks rather grey to me...it may have been Vettels fault according to the officials, but i still think that was a pretty silly corner to try and overtake on the outside

congrats to Button too :D...was actually an entertaining race for once :p
Vettel - lol, that was quite funny him driving with one front wheel :p , but moved back 10 places, thats kinda harsh, I mean safety car was out anyways so he didnt do any damage to the place anyone finished