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[TITLE]Sunday race at Nurburgring[/TITLE]

What a fantastic race! Almost everybody had his 5min in this race. Biggest winner? That's sure Mark Webber, but also Massa did great job, finishing 3rd if compare to previous races. Biggest looser? That's probably the sadest day for Adrian Sutill. He was incredible fast in his "tank", he was overtaking everyone, and sadly, second time, Kimi Raikonen has destroyed his dreams about points in Championship. Almost same situation with Lewis Hamilton, He did great start, but then dunno what happened, and he had to change his tires.
Fernando Alonso did the best time, just like that, Niko Rosberg and Robert Kubica had a great start, taking up 6 positions! What was fantastic race. Great congrats to Webber, even with drive thru penalty, he won, amazing.

[TITLE]Final Positions[/TITLE]

great race from Webber a trully well deserved win...

Felt so sorry for Sutil when Kimi smashed his front wing... I don't know how he got that car (well more of a bus then a car) that fast around the track :O

my biggest dissapointment however was after the race, when Rubens Barrichello decided to publicly go and critize his entire team without even knowing all the facts...

Barrichello should stop wining like that and get his act together instead of just blaming the team to give the advantage to Button…

You’re in a TEAM, in other words you try to assist eachother. Button right now has the best shot at the title. IMO it’s now Barrichello’s job to make sure that they also get the constructors championship, and the only way to do that is by working together as a team.

They both got an equal chance at the start of the season, both cars where identical and Button showed that he was the number 1 of the team simply by being faster and more consisted then Rubens.

Giving a public interview right after the race without knowing all the facts and starting to blame the team, is MOST defintly not the way to progress… if I was a mechanic of Rubens then, after hearing that interview, I’d step right up to Ross and tell him that I don’t wanna work for that ungratefull son of a ***** anymore. Brawn GP and all it’s engineers have worked their asses of to give both Button as Rubens a race winning car out of the blue… and this is the thanks they get from him?

I can understand that he likes to win races… but he should realise that by fighting against Button he’s killing the entire team from within.
Just look at the F1 history, Hakkinen-Couldhard; Shumacher-Massa… all championship winning duo’s, why? Because they work together… Then compare that to the Alonso-Hamilton combination, they fought against eachother instead of the rest and thus destroying both their championship’s and the constructor’s…

You have dissapionted me Rubens… for the most experienced driver on the grid, you’ve acted like the smallest child today. :/
Well if you look at it from Rubens view, hes always played the defensive driver, and has never actually been the one whos pushed to go for the drivers championship, so he has a right to be peeved off, and Ross Brawn isn't exactly the nicest guy on the planet so there probably is something going on...
Schumacher's back in F1 temporarily to replace Massa who was injured in the last race. Hope he gets well soon but I can't wait to see Hamilton/Button race Shuey!

Shame for BMW leaving F1 as well.
Shuie will show Hamilton how to drive after winning a title :p

should make things interesting at the front of the grid (hopefully if Shuie hasn't gotten all so old with racing)


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Sorry for no updates but I been busy lately.
I'm sure that you've already seen of the last Grand Prix, so I'll not post it here.

Tons of news here, starting from the lack of the last French F1 Driver (Sebastian Bourdais), going thru Felipe's terrible accident and finishing on Schumacher's salaries.

Let's go!

First and the most important thing is of course the terrible accident that we was able to see on the last Grand Prix of Hungary. During Q2 (Qualifications session number 2), Felipe Massa got hit by almost 1kg spring from Rubens Barrichello car! Of course you might think: 800 grams, pfft what's that, I got hit by car and I live. But add to it F1 car speed and 800g turns into deathful bullet. Even helmet can't save you from it.
Hopefully Felipe is fine, He was in shock and he can't remember the accident. He is now in Brazil in his home and probably doing nothing :p

So if Ferrari don't have the driver, the had to hire someone (Honestly I don't know why they don't want to use their 3rd Driver o-O)
And now guess who they hired,
Some say that the outline of his left nipple is exactly the same shape as the Nurburg ring...
...All we know is, he's called Michael Schumacher! Yes the master of F1 wheel is back on the track.
It's too much to write there about the whole story so I'll write it as the most important points

  • Schumi loves Stefano Domenicali so he decided to get back and help the Scudiera.
  • Schumi tests F2007 in Mugello
  • His arms hurts
  • Ferrari wants one day for practice in their actual F1 car - F60 so they are asking FIA and Fota.
  • Fia says ok, Williams and Red bulls says No cuz Torro Rosso wanted one day for tests for their new Driver, Alguersuari, but Fia didn't gave them.
  • Schumi will get 1 million Euro for each race and some kind of bonus for each win which is 1 million Euro (WTF?!)

Next important things are:
BMW Sauber accounted that they wont be starting in text season :(
But Nelson Pique (This old one) want to buy it (just like Brawn)
Nelson Pique quitted Renault :D (yes yes, finally!)
Oh and I almost forgot, Reanult is banned from the next GP (Europe GP) because they let Alonso out of pits with unscrewed wheel. I'm so sorry :(

Sorry for messy post, but I'm tired today and I CBA with writing it nice, I really apologise. I promes that next news will be more "tidy". And sorry for typos if there are ;D
I can't wait to see Shumacher :D .He will show that this "kids" aren't real drivers.I hated shumacher before but I really started to like him last times.he's real winning machine.He will show where is the hamilton's place or he will be a proud of himself more than before.He simply suck.after 1 lucky win he's thinking about championship.he's a sucker.
Michael Schumacher unfortunately won't start in the F1, because of the neck injury. Luca Badoer - Ferrari test driver, will stand in for Massa.


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And Luca Badoer was not fast enough, so was replaced by Giancarlo Fisichella who was released by Force India Mercedes to drive with the Italian team. Bad move I think, the Force India is faster than the Ferrari in most cases.

The championship is all over, JB wins, Brawn has the constructors championship, and RB has a shot at number 2 in the drivers championship provided he scores decent points in Abu Dhabi.

In all, what a stunning season for the Brawn Mercedes team. To come from almost not entering at all and having no engine near the start of the season, to dominate the season and win the championships in the team's first year.


Bah..Kubica should be first considering what the heck he drives D: Btw Sebastian Loeb is the 09' WRC champion if anyone is interested :p Btw when does the drifting championship start?

EDIT: The most boring motorsport ever? Imo that should be 4x4 races or NASCAR :D