Ferrari 612 Scaglietti


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Dape said:
amazing print but to bad that there is no top view :(
ya, i was kinda disappointed with some of the newer Ferrari OMs. a lot of the older ones (F40, 308, 328...) have full 4 view prints. of the new ones that i have, the only one with the 4-view was the Enzo.
never-the-less, these are the only prints i've seen of the 612, and same goes for teh 575M and 550barchetta. quite rare cars to find quality prints for.
If its a print then I never really complain for top views myself. Because If the print was done right then your top view is already there you just have to match up that vertic or spline point whatever your using to the same area of the car on all views. And magically you start to make your own top view. Pictures on the other hand are another story. Due to our old friend mr. Perspective. I decided to do a TVR Cerbera, the car has been an under nightmare. Since all I have is images Ive been having to really use my eye to make it work. Anyhow F50, great job on the owner manal donations a true find indeed.