Ferrari F355

Something to put beside a Diablo I made a while ago. Currently about 16 000 tris, I`m predicting 80 000 when the model is done. The shell is basically done, I´ll be cutting out panels and finishing off the sharp edges soon.



oh nice you're back again :D :) !!

isn't that ferrari one of your old modeles ?! because i think i've seen it before :p

picture you posted are cool and the modele looks so smooth and clean :)

keep the good work brother :)
Great job Taunis, you are like me more than you know.. coming back to the same cars over and over. (f355 for me was like 8 times) Anyhow the body looks good, but you know me I like wires too ;)
@Johnas- Classics aside I consider this the coolest Ferrari.

@Salim- Nope, this is a new one.

@T-Shine- >8)

@Icekid- This is only my 3rd version, after one berlinetta and spider that aren`t finished.

Sans windshield wipers and some badges the exterior is basically finished at 29 000 tris, went quite quick.

Thanks guys!

The exterior is done now, 53 000 tris including wheels and brakes, also finished textureing. I´ll be posting more pics later. This is taken with the 7.5 XSI mod tool.

@Revelli- It probably looks like that because it basically is just that.. Since I set my target at 80 000 tris I´ll let it stay, no funky reflections needed.

@Krystian- Last model I made like this went to WR2.

@TomWin- Not by much, maybe something like 5000 tris more.
/edit- just checked, at this state (exterior all done) the Diablo was 52 000 vs. this models 53 000 tris.
Thanks! You`re right about the inaccuracy, but it`s actually the panel around the lights that was too angeled.

Couple more pics, will start working on the interior now.

great update Tonn :)
I dont know why but I think proportions are a bit wrong, maybe it's just angle not sure. Looks like is kinda too wide and long (or too low :p )
I found some good pics that may help maybe, especially with taillights and berlinetta badge :)

and well take a look there: View Thread: [WR2|CONV|REL] Lamborghini Diablo SV by Tonis Taru - [TX] Pro Team homesite

oh wowies look what I found, many references :)
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Ferrari 355 Berlinetta
The squashess is proably because of the wideangle lens I had going on(look at the wheel roundness).. not the best way to present WIP.

All modeling done at 83 000 tris... close enough to the ~80k target. Interior to be unwraped and materials made.