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Yeah, displacement basically subdivides your geometry heavily to get the necessary detail out of it. Bump maps are a fake that work when looking straight on but fail when it needs to "lift/push down" the geometry.


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Thanks yash, i was hoping to have the interior further along than it is but theres a lot of extra things that needed modeling such as the inner part of the door. Yes, in most car renders you don't see it but i cant do a detailed interior and then leave a chunk like this out.

So heres the door nearly finished. I'v seen a few minor things i have to tweak and of course, no stitching yet...


Nice nice very nice! Hey man how do you do the stitching work?! o_O
And one more thing I'd like to ask..uhmm..How do u model that interior of the door? Do u take another box or so and start modeling? I see you have made it from the door itself..Its nicely blended..HOW?!!!! :confused:

Oscar J

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Super nice work. Still aiming at finishing the interior by the weekend? There seems to be a fair bit of work left, but I reckon you can do it. GL!


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Thanks guys,
haha no Oscar, had a very busy end to my week and didnt manage to get any work done after thursday, but hey end of this week i should be close!
Woahhh..Double than mine..I just asked because your level of details is just incredible..I can't help but keep looking at your updates again and again...the tail light is seriously unbelievable..Can't wait to see the final result!! :cool:


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Nice to see another project from you, really nice so far, i just don't like the super sharp edges on some fillets here and there, but that's it.


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So basically the displacement map influences the geometry too, right? While Bump map is an optical illusion only?
I think Rhino too has something similar to displacement, using the ''heightfield from image'' tool.
Rhino (5) actually has a displacement feature but if im correct it does require you to turn the nurbs into mesh, theres also a tutorial.

Sorry for the offtopic.

ontopic, nice car, though i dont get why the rear grill is so strangely warped, this is just temp right?...