fnfc - Toyota Supra GT

Hi everyone,

here is my project for the fnf competition. It's not very much so far, but thats all I have for now. Front is made without blueprints, so it has some inaccuraties, I'll try to fix as much as I can.


Defenetly looks good man! Good job and keep up the good work. Btw i think i have the side decal on a cd somewhere ill try to find it for you.
This is probobly the best supra iv seen in the work in progress section on this forum so far! Great work man! Ill look for the decal later on today or tomorrow.
sorry about going of topic here but do you make your headlights after you cut out your seams?

P.S Thats sexy man i love it its very clean i dont know how you get your wire to be that clean man.
Thanks again, I'm glad you like it so far!

@300zx_9: I do the lights the same way I do the rest of the car. I begin with a plane and then poly by poly modeling. Sorry, but I don't really know how I could describe it better...

Ok, here is my Update for today. I hadn't so much time, only 3 hours I think. So here's the update.

P.S.: I really hope some more people will join this contest, cause I don't see much projects in the WIP yet...


Yes, maybe youre right NE. I'm still not sure about the right size, I think I'll see it when I'm finish with the body.
The Color is definitely not final. The final mats are coming when the mesh is complete, not earlier.

So, and after the weekend finally some time to update. Sorry for the strange color at the last pic, I've tried something with the lighting to improve render times... wasn't that good, I think


Your back is starting to get a bit messy. Esp the rear fender, first thing you gotta look at that rear fender of supra doesnt have that wierd bump sorta around wheel arch its all smooth and round. Just look into it. :)