fnfc-VeilSide Mazda RX-7

Thanks to redstar who let me in, because I started the car just the day before he anounced the competition, now the car, I have to say this is a bi*ch to model, without any blueprints, and not many ref pics, so here is what I got for now, hope you like it :(



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I saw some ref pics of this car and it has all sort of intricate forms. You've done a good job capturing the front, it's really good.looking forward to see the rest:grin:


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Icetiger: Great pictures, take my hat opff to the custom shop for a job well done on the installation.

Oh, and Kiro great job so far on the wip. Nice to see someone taking on this project and a car that isn't done all that often.
judging by the refs the car is way off :/ and the fnf is orange ;) i was interested in this car before the film came out when i saw the kit on the veilside site. hope you can make it better cus its a supercar styled lil beauty.
big update, so you can see tha main shape, because before it looked very off like andy said, I again tweaked the headlights and I hope I got them right now :(



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I tryed to model Cobra 780 without blueprints... I've let it go after 10 minutes... :roll:

Anyway, great model so far, just great, especialy without BP... 8)
Looks a maxing, but the bumps in the roof is too much, tone it down a bit and it body seems a bit short. but other than that it looks great