Ford Escort Mk1


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I'm working on main shapes now. I will add details and MeshSmooth later.

But I try to apply "quick" smoothing. So you can see some problems and little bumps. Mesh needs some chamfers to looks better. I will fix it later (as I said).


i still think you have made some of the areas (like the roof) way to dense, it could be achieved with less polies wich is easier to control. To the front and the back looks good. Can't wait to see some details made into it:)


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@ Jomar Machado: Thx dude, glad you like it.
@ davecox: I don't want to post this work everywhere. PM me if you want to know why.
@ Erik_S: Dense mesh, yes. I try to achieve good looking polyflow.

Here is little progress on the front. Headlight area is temporary.

EDIT: I see bumps on the bumper :(



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Looks like the rear corner is too sharp & the rear lights surrounding should be rounder.

Also, if you need ref pics from practically any portion of the car just ask, gathered +2,2k pictures last winter when I did one myself.