Ford GT40 personal project


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i'm new in this forum so i hope i posted this message in the right section.
I'm starting a personal project, a total modeling of a ford gt40 Mk II and i'd like to model everything of this car, but i'm having some problem to find the right references for the engine.

...and maybe some good reference of the interiors

i hope some of you could give a hand.
thanks in advance.



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Welcome here :)

This huge link should show u the Ford 427 engine (7.0 cc) taken from the Ford Galaxie and put straight on the GT40. The engine is the same, it might be there's some difference in top air filters , cooling part and collectors, but the block is the same.

ford 427 engine - Cerca con Google

Anyway i attach some pics hopefully they could be useful for your project. As u can see some blocks are by Gurney, some heads are by Roush, something else is from CMI and so on, so these engines have been tuned or restored. Take 'em carefully then if u need a super accurate model.