Ford Truck for Zurich transport

Whoah thanks Johannes ! I think the drawing is good enough for the model. I probably won't be going into a precision level that will require the usage of a scalable blueprint :)
Thanks everyone for the support but sadly I cought a cold and now I'm not even able to model anything properly. I will give it a try later today, hopefully I'll be able to create a basic outline of the mesh at least.
Ah then I should be done with it well before the contest ends :D
Finally I forced myself into starting the model. Here's what I got after a while :

Thanks :) If poly count allows for it, I will add interior as well because I don't like empty spaces. Oh and for the poly count, I am always using the poly counter tool for precise measurement of each element. I am sure I will have plenty of polys to go about since the main shapes of the cab are done now. I will try to stay up longer into the night and try to do the trailer as well.
a triangle have 3 sides :p and polies can have more, for example, when you create a plane in 3ds max, you'll only see a plane, 1 poly, but they really are 2 triangles
Thanks everyone :D Got a few more minutes into the design, looks like modeling is almost finished. I didn't even get into 5000 tris model-wise so I think I can do some detailing !