Forum banned me

I've been a forum member and contributor for a few years. Last time the site was revamped, the software demanded that I 'update my profile'. I went and checked it out, and many of the fields are 'compulsory'. I choose how much of myself I put out, so I filled in one or two fields, and closed the profile page. The forum banned me, and to add insult, stated that it was 'forever', with 'no reason given'. I tried to contact admin unsuccessfully.
That was maybe two years ago, and I'd given up on the site. Last night, a message, dunno if it's automated or not, inviting me to 'activate my account' via the link. I did, and now the server lets me back in. My heart is broken! Where's the love? Where's the trust?!
Seriously, I have no idea what went wrong, but fascist profile pages that tell me "You HAVE TO FILL IN ALL FIELDS" are a bit OTT, IMO.