Forum Upgrade

Hi everyone,

There is a new release of the Xenforo forum software out, and so we will be upgrading on Saturday September 28th. The forum will be closed for a few hour as we upgrade and install some new features.

Many thanks!
Sorry about the downtime on this upgrade. Upgraded php on the server which caused a bunch of file permission errors. Took me a while to figure out what it was. It should be all good now.


I am working on installing additional security features on the server today and tomorrow. There might be a little downtime now and then. Just trying to preempt any hack attempts on our server again.
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Our server WHM was upgraded and changed the file permissions on our site. Took me the whole day just to figure out what was causing the error. Xenforo will only run if file permissions are at least 755. The upgrade set them to 775 for some odd reason. Anyhow, I think it is all working now. Please post here if you find any problems. I also upgraded the forum while I was at it.
Thanks for the upgrade! the site was really slow that last few days before this but now it is fine. I can't search for anything though, an error message always comes up.
my home pc gets virus hits everytime it refreshes the page, and also chrome wasnt letting me into the site, saying it contains malicious code or something... on my work pc nothing like that (both use the same antivirus)
That is odd. Did you clean your cache at work? I know there was an attach on our site and I cleaned it. It came back again and I cleaned it immediately again. I'm waiting for it to happen again, so I can pin point where it is coming from.