gmc crackerbox with flatbed


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since i am a little bit stuck on my porsche-project, i'll try to get something done for this contest. i still have to learn how to do texturing with with blender, well, ambition comes with challenge, maybe...

as the title already says, i'll go for a gmc "crackerbox" with a simple flatbed trailer



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well, i still hope some more members will join this contest :)

anyway, had a very productive afternoon

i'll convert everything to tris at the end, since i am more familiar with quad-modeling.



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thanks a lot

well, i already thought about getting it into GTAIV, mafiaII or RoR, but i have to learn how to get vehicles into one of this games first =/

just little progress today, added more detail to chassis and cabin, also created an interior, which is very basic atm.

actual tri-count for the truck without wheels is about ~4100,


Cute little truck :D

Great work for sure, some polies can be saved from the GMC logo if you create it with normal maps. If you need to shave the mesh :)
thank you

it's right, i still can shave some parts of the mesh, for example in the middle of the chassis. i'll go for it before texturing, what will be the hardest part, since i never textured/mapped anything. so i have to learn a lot until 31th march :p

i started working on the trailer this morning, not sure if it becomes single or double axle


Yeah is a older style that didnt look good anyways.

i like the look on this one.

One more little CNC But its Your choice

the Headache Rack on the front of the Trailer should be taller Ive never seen them that short, i kno it might use up some poly but it should have a slight bend in the middle of the trailer. (Good Option to add when your done and have ploys u can waste)


good eye for detail C-J, the rack was indeed to low. the bend of the bed is an interesting detail, i've seen it on some heavy-duty trailers before, but not on normal flatbeds. i searched some more pictures on the internet, and it seems like this bend is more typical for us-trailers. (i also didn't find such a bended bed on one of the flatbed trailers of the truck company in my village)

i think i found a better way to "waste" the polys left at the moment :)

the shovel is not finished yet, it still needs some detail
@ shadow explorer

well, you are right, the very short wheel base combined with the short cabin and the large round headlights gives it indeed a cartoonish look :D